A Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert in the Philippines

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January 24, 2013 by ksaeng

January 19, 2013 – A real dream concert for every Kpop fans in the Philippines happened. A spectacular performances of awesome Kpop group: Infinite, Tasty, U-kiss, Tahiti, EXO M/K , SNSD combined together to make the concert possible and ended awesome. It’s really once in a lifetime concert, though the ticket was kinda expensive but it’s a great deal because there’s no way you can be disappointed in the concert.

The concert started around 6pm and ended around 10pm, it’s a 4 hours of fun and a fantasy-filled concert, it started with a bang as Infinite performed all the energetic song of the group awesome dance and voices showed, the group sang 6 songs in total. After the performance of Infinite a duo from same entertainment followed no other than the TASTY twins, YES! They are twin! An Identical twin they sang 3 songs of their album and show off their Michael Jackson moves just like Infinite they are also awesome dancers though they are only 2 on the stage they performed their routines too awesome and it’s not boring to watched. Then the next performer are no other than “UKISS”, they are kinda popular in the Philippines because its their 4th time in the country and I give u one fact about them: Their very first concert was happened in the Manila, Philippines. That’s why don’t wonder why they have lots of followers in the country and they also announced that they will be back for another concert (let’s all wait for that friends!!! J ), Ukiss sang 7 songs including their latest “Stop Girl”, after Ukiss a rookie girl group performed and they are kinda unpopular but its amazing how they catch Filipino to became their fans, these girls are cute and charming they are no other than “TAHITI” their name is not catchy right? its kinda weird but their performance was awesome they catch up to their sunbaes on stage, they sang some of their songs and also performed a song from spice girls “If you wanna be my lover”. After  Tahiti it was followed by another rookie on stage it was awesome how they got many fans with the  fact that they just a rookie, I’m talking about EXO!!! And its not only the EXO K but also together with M! they performed almost all of their songs from their album and they even performed “Open Arms” their English was verrrrryyy GOOD and also the accent! Ofcourse also their vocals it was one of the awesome performances in the concert  they gave goose bumps to everyone who was at the concert and many fans touched in the song, while they are singing the “open arms” many fans were crying, Exo loves giving everyone a surprise, they sang one tagalog song – Hawak kamay (Holding hands) by Yeng Contanstino, a Filipino artist – together with the people in the concert EXO sang the song and they are also good in tagalong J, the last but not the least performer was no other than Girls Generation! And it was surprising how many SONEs came to the concert, it was like a crowd of pink, the girls performed 7 songs in total and who will believe that they first performed their latest song “I got a boy” overseas in the concert,  the girls was a real life dolls in personal they are really beautiful and goddess-like, they dance very graceful and beautiful, hoping that they will comeback in the Philippines for a full blown concert.

The concert ended up successfully, though there were some technical problems and difficulties during concert. Everyone in the concert ground surely enjoyed the concert as some of them can’t still get over on what happened on that day. Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert blown out the Kpop spirit for 2013 in the country, The Philippines.


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