Tips For Stalking An Idol

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January 30, 2013 by ksaeng



I think I need to share some tips for everyone on stalking for your idols. I have gone stalking for the very first time and it’s totally FAIL, the tips I’ll share can help you a lot with your stalking galore and not to end up broken hearted for not seeing them and you won’t say the quote “so close and yet so far”.

FASHION CHECK, you always need to double check your fashion outfit. Consider outfits were in you can move freely and comfortable but still look presentable when you meet your idols. Avoid wearing boots or high heels, rubber shoes is the best deal for stalking. You can’t avoid running and walking toooooo long when you are doing this. STALKING is a serious business dude :)))

MONEY CHECK, one of the most needed in stalking when you are about to follow them in airport or other locations, you can’t avoid using a cab when you are in hurry and want to follow them anywhere they will go. And of course there would be time you need to buy something. So at least you need to budget everything.

 FOODS & DRINKS, yes! You definitely need this so that you will not bother anymore when you are hungry or thirsty, maybe when you gone for a while to buy something you may missed your idols.

CAMERA, BALL PEN, NOTEBOOK, ALBUM of your idol, who knows you may bump them while stalking, its a good opportunity to have an album signing or ask for their sign right? PLUS who knows they may allow you to have a selca with them.

 CONTACT CONNECTIONS,  it may be a people on a certain fan clubs or maybe the idol’s driver or someone who’s with them. You can’t stalk properly if you don’t know the exact location of your idol its kinda bothersome if you take time to look for them in the whole city. Sometimes people in fan clubs are more accurate. Keep in touch with your phone or laptop.

 *keep in mind that artists/idols are also people like us, don’t invade their privacy as much as possible, avoid taking pictures or video that will create ruckus to everyone. Everything should be done on the right place and on the right time, tStalking is not a bad thing but as much as possible think about all of  your actions before it’ll be done.

 THANK YOU FOR READING, hope we helped you on this. ❤


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